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Nowadays industrial wooden boards lose their position because of their increasingly critical caused after a period of environment impact. Therefore, the more development society, the higher the intellectual, PVC Foam was chosen to replace the pressed wood or industrial wood.

What is PVC Foam?

First, we should know PVC is the abbreviation for poly vinycloride – a synthetic resin created after the polymerization reaction of vinyl chloride – C2H3CL.
Known as a high-grade plastic sheet which made up off high tech from natural fiber plastic with good bearing capacity, good water resistance, high ductility, PVC Foam Sheet is still a relatively new product line in our country.

Tấm PVC Foam
Tấm PVC Foam


Technical Data:

Product name: PVC Foam sheet
Thickness: 1220mm x 2440mm
Proportion: 0.5 – 0.8 g/cm3
Colors: White

Why PVC Foam sheets are widely used ?

As a product used in advertising and interior decoration, PVC Foam sheet is widely trusted and selected. Manufactured on the advanced line, the product has outstanding advantages
• Waterproof and anti mold: PVC Foam is used in all places of the house, office, especially the bathroom and kitchen
• Low cost: cheap, light weight which make installation easier.
• Used most places : family, office, hotel, hospital, etc with many different purposes.
• Easy to clean and low maintenance: very neat and clean because of Not using mortar during installation.
• Safety: Light weight that reduces injury for person when impacted, fire resistant material.
• Recycle: 100%.
• Electricity insulation: Products not able to conduct electricity, should be used in an insulator.

In addition, because of the waterproofing properties, it is hard for larvae to develop and to prevent disease. Moreover, with variety of colors and sizes, we can use this plastic sheet for a variety of purposes in life
However, it hard to compare with wood for furniture applications. This PVC Foam sheet doesn’t seem as natural and can not be used forever.

Applications of PVC Foam in life

The products are able to withstand the influence of the environment and the variety of colors. So now, many people apply in their lives according to various purposes.

+ Making decorative objects for our apartment: night lamps, making the wall, etc
+With sturdy construction, it can also be applied as a partitions, tables, chairs, shelves, etc
PVC Foam những ứng dụng

+ Application in the walling, paneling of material storage cabinets or control cabinet walls.
+ Electricity insulation and heat resistance: can be applied in advertising billboards, electrical insulating materials

Where should you purchase PVC Foam Sheet?

There are many address sell PVC Foam Sheet in Viet Nam. If you are looking for a product, HUY DAT TRADING INTERIOR DECORATION CO., LTD is the best option for you. As a distributor of reputation, high quality PVC Foam products with years of experience in the field of providing materials for interior decoration and advertising, customers can be assured with us.

With information about PVC Foam sheet product that we have shared, if you have questions please feel free to contact with us, our expertise will support and answer as soon as we receive the information.