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Aluminum composite panel is a very common material used in the field of construction, advertising design. Ideal because of its inherent distinctive characteristics. More information about the material you’ll find in the article below.

What is an aluminum composite panel?

Aluminum composite panel commonly known as aluminum alloy plate is used as surface cladding material. The sheet is lightweight, high precision, easy to clean and applicable for soundproof.

It is a breakthrough product in the field of construction. 

Aluminum composite panel creates a luxurious and modern style for each architectural work.

Tấm nhôm hợp kim
Tấm nhôm hợp kim

Aluminum composite panel

Aluminium composite panels are used for events as an background, for buildings or billboard. In addition the panels with are available in many colors which make it easy for customers to choose according to their taste and style. 

Specifications of aluminum composite panel

The product is a material composed of two main components, aluminum and synthetic resins. Over the past 15 years aluminum composite panel has become a very often used material. Products are commonly used in the field of construction, furniture and advertising. 

Structure of aluminum composite panel

  • Plastic core part: Made from Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Aluminum base: Covered with a layer of antioxidant that protects the material from the inside
  • Protective film for surface: Helps protect aluminum sheet from direct contact with the outside environment. 
  • Outer aluminum layer: Covered on the surface by PE or PVDF paint and bound to the inner core plastic by a layer of high molecular adhesive.

The advantages of aluminum composite panel

Here are some features that aluminum composite panels differs from other conventional aluminum panels.

  • Outstanding durability> 20 years, not oxidized by the impact of environment and weather.
  • Diverse colors, create flexibility in use. 
  • Easily bend, cut and shape …
  • Lightweight, easy to transport when assembling
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning 
  • Soundproof and thermal insulation

Where to find a supplier for aluminum composite panels?

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