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Cast Acrylic sheet is a kind of plastic that is widely used in Viet Nam market which is used in advertising as well as interior and exterior decoration office, stationery, medical equipment, etc.
There are many kinds of Taiwan Acrylic sheet, especially products known as: Mica Taiwan SHINKOLITE,  PARTO, Mica Taiwan Cast Acrylic MMA,…

What is Mica Acrylic sheet?

Mica Acrylic sheet is a name of a chemical material with a chemical origin (Ch2=C(Ch3)Cooch3 – Methyl Methylate Monomer.

Technical data:
• Product name: Mica Cast acrylic MMA
• Thickness (1.0mm – 50mm)
• Width of panel up to 2050 mm, length 3050mm
• Quality surface: flat, glossy, no scratches,etc
• High precision – various colorful.
• Size: 1200mm x 2400mm, 1520 x 2440mm, 2050 x 3050mm
• Made in: Taiwan, Japan, Thailand.
+Transparency: transmittance of light up to 95%
+ Thickness: 1 mm — 50 mm
+ size: popular: 1.220 × 2.440; 3.050 × 2.030
+ High color fastness
+ Color stability in 5 years, no yellowing in 3 years
+ Surface: Glossy, matte, rough
+ Impact: 90% temperature resistant, less affected by weather
+ Easy cut, various shapes: less dust, non-toxic air
+ Temperature: igniting temperature up to 325-430°C

Applications of Taiwan Mica Cast Acrylic MMA

Taiwan Mica Cast Acrylic sheet has preeminent features as shiny, flexible, variety in colors, rich thin thickness, high aesthetics, etc. This product become a number one priority material for advertising signs. Product is applied in many ways such as:
• Billboard light box, advertising box
• Advertising sign, titles, menu, medals, etc
• Decorate partition or wall, booth,
• Interior decoration, background
• Braille letter Mica, led light.
• Make wall frame
• Applied in many industries : Construction, Noise cancellation, Heat resistant, musical instrument, electronics, maritime, etc
• Gifts, home furnishings as tables, chairs, doors, shelves, etc

Mica đựng mỹ phẩm
Ứng dụng Mica làm hộp đựng mỹ phẩm

Currently, Taiwan Mica Cast Acrylic MMA sheet are usually called Good product because of its high hardness and high accuracy of parameters of size.

Why should you choose Taiwan Mica Cast Acrylic MMA

There are 5 outstanding advantages that customers should choose:
1. High art is created through variety f colors
2. Thickness diversity: more options
3. Can be bent by heat
4. Easy cut by machine or by manual
5. Reasonable price suitable for many needs.

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