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You are looking for a solution to create natural light for your home.  Natural light makes the house become bright and clear.  On the other side, you also want to save costs from light devices.  

We would like to introduce to you, the best solution that can meet that request. 

Polycarbonate sheet  – New solution for your house  

1. What is Polycarbonate sheet  

Polycarbonate sheet is the specialize product using in rooflights which contain carbonate groups (-O-(C=O)-O-) 

2. Types of Polycarbonate sheet  

Hiện nay loại tấm lợp này được sử dụng với nhiều mục đích khác nhau có thể bao gồm các ứng dụng trong đời sống và công nghiệp. Chính vì thế, nên sản phẩm được chia thành nhiều loại khác nhau. Được biết đến là: tấm lợp lấy sáng đặc ruột, tấm lợp rỗng ruột và tấm lợp dạng sóng.

+ Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

It is made entirely of solid-state polycarbonate sheet and sheet technology with direct UV extrusion and solid roofing which is used in many fields of technical production at present.

 This product effective in many applications, including:

house roof skylight, swimming pool roof, greenhouse. Besides it can be used for bathroom pattern, anti-riot shield, interior materials,etc 

  • Advantages:    high elastic, colorful , thickness, color range, thickness, suitable light penetration rate, large format up to 30m long.
  • Disadvantages:  solids expand on heating, high price  

+ Hollow polycarbonate sheet

Although this product has similar composition to others, it still has different in material design during production.  Hollow polycarbonate has its advantages in sound & heat insulation. However the application of this sheet is limited to roofing, terrace roofing, etc 

Polycarbonate sheet – Hollowed out

  • Advantages: Anti-heat, Anti-noise, low price, light weight, colorful. Easy to  easy to fabricate, cut,  install   
  • Disadvantages: It is easy to get dirty or insects to get inside if the sealant is not well applied.

+ Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

The main goal is to light up a portion indoor, especially in industry production factories  that need natural light.  Therefore, there are two main designs of the product are Circular corrugated sheet and square corrugated sheet. Products are usually roofed for industrial production plants, farm animals or roofing of residential houses.

Polycarbonate sheet – Wavy line

Applications of Polycarbonate sheets  

Lighting roof sheets are widely used in many countries. However in  Viet Nam this products still relatively new. This product effective in many applications such as:  

  • Swimming pool roofing, garage roofing.  
  • Terrace roofing, House skylight roofing  
  • Face shields for machines, tools  
  • Greenhouse  
  • Roof connections buildings  
  • Highway soundproof panels  
  • Platform roof, Bus Stop Shelter, Gas station  
  • Hockey face shield  
  • Recycle plastic bottle  
  • Laptop: Apple, Inc.’s MacBook, iMac, Mac mini,…
  • Nearsightedness glasses 
  • Roofing can be processed into bulletproof panels

Polycarbonate sheet in life

Where should you buy Polycarbonate sheet?

There are a lot of places sell Polycarbonate sheet that can make customer confused  to buy the cheap materials. HUY DAT TRADING INTERIOR DECORATION CO., LTD is a distributor of many of number of good roofing sheets products imported from countries around the world. 

We are always ready to meet every customer’s needs in the high-tech filed, top products for roofing projects using natural light trends.  

With many years of experience in the advertising industry in Viet Nam, we specialize in providing Polycarbonate sheets at preferential price  in the market. Together with the elite workers, enthusiastic consultants helps customers to choose the product for consent. We also deliver products to help save our busy customers.