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If you are looking for a product sample or a lowest-cost Acrylic sheet, China Polystyrene Sheet is your optimal choice. What is the special of this product? Why you should choose this?

What is China PS Sheet?

Manufacture PS Sheet by Extrusion process is faster than Taiwan Acrylic or others. With the lowest cost, China PS Sheet is used in projects which don’t need high quality or product lifetime.

Light can pass through PS sheet. It is also lightweight and waterproof, not good conductor of electricity or heat.

Technical Data:

Product name: Polystyrene sheets

Thickness: 1.0mm – 10mm

Surface quality standard 

Colors: Available in many colors

Standard size: 1200mm x 2400mm

Made in: Malaysia, China, Viet Nam

Special feature of China PS Sheet

China PS Sheet is one of the most popular brand and widely used in the Advertising Industry nowadays with its features as:

♦ Colors: Available in 50 different colors

♦ Flat transparent surface : transmittance of light is up to 70%

♦ Thickness: 1.0mm to 10mm

♦ Standard Size : 1220 x 2440mm

♦ Anti break: less impact-resistant, impact and less elastic

With low quality standard, China PS Sheet can not be cut by CN Laser laser, CNC.

Common Application of PS Polystyrene Sheets China  

With its outstanding advantages in color and low price, China PS sheet can be used as an alternative material in Advertising, Stationery, especial Interior Design:

+ Acrylic light box, office box, license plates, offices partition, etc.

+ Kitchen cabinet, dining table, etc.

+ Facade cladding: With its high aesthetic, weight light, easy construction and clear, PS Acrylic can bond to wood frame, tray, book shelves, dining table.

+ Logo making: Lettering, decal letter, spray paint, etc

+ Make Braille: good solution with many outstanding advantages as gloss surface, withstand rain, Highly Durable

Why you should choose this product

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